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                                                                    ‘I’m exhausted’                                               ‘I’m tired all the time’                                                                                    ‘I’m feeling low’                           My energy slumps about 3 pm and I crave something sweet’

         ‘I can’t cope like I used to’                         ‘I’m struggling to sleep’

‘I need a cup of coffee/tea to get me going in the morning’                               ‘I have little motivation’

     ‘I can’t concentrate’                 ‘My digestion isn’t right’          ‘I can’t shift this extra weight’


These are a few of the complaints I hear in the clinic every day.

Our busy lifestyles, stress, dietary habits and polluted environment can lead to imbalances in the body. Balance can be restored by identifying the root cause the problem (physical, emotional, nutritional) and addressing it with the use of nontoxic, natural therapies. Naturopathic Medicine can help you re-take control of your health, eating and lifestyle habits, ultimately improving your quality of life and well-being.


Chronic conditions can be hard to treat and almost always need a holistic rather than a reductionistic approach, as our body systems are interconnected, which is often overlooked by conventional medicine.


By practicing evidence-based medicine, Naturopathic medicine deals with a wide variety of challenging chronic conditions, from stress and anxiety to autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Every individual is treated differently, as opposed to a “one size fits all” type of programme, merely based on the symptoms. The focus is on the person rather than the disease, i.e. the person is treated not the disease.


Naturopathic Medicine can help you:



My Naturopathic Clinics provide one-to-one consultations, tailor-made nutritional and lifestyle programmes and detailed guidance and support. The consultation is aimed at assessing any fundamental clinical imbalances and identifying how these may be contributing to your particular signs and symptoms. A naturopathic/ nutritional consultation can also be helpful for those wishing to optimise their health and fitness and slow down the ageing process.


*This website is not intended as medical or health advice. If in any doubt, or if requiring medical advice, please contact the appropriate health professional. We recommend consulting with a licensed health professional before making major diet and lifestyle changes.