Functional Testing

Functional testing 1

Functional testing focuses on physiological function (i.e. how the body functions at a molecular, tissue or organ level), rather than merely the presence of markers of disease, like conventional medical testing. At most cases both are essential in order to draw a clear picture of the individual’s cause of health problems and specific requirements and to re-establish equilibrium using nutritional and lifestyle intervention.


Functional tests, in particular, can be invaluable in identifying the underlying cause of your health issues, as well as your unique nutritional needs, when coupled with your health history, dietary/lifestyle habits and nutritional goals. Diagnostic tests bring faster successful outcomes by facilitating the development of more individualised and targeted therapeutic protocols, as well as preventing illness. Laboratory tests are selected carefully depending on your particular problem among a wide range of tests offered by well established, scientific laboratories in the UK and US. Test results are known within two to four weeks, depending on the particular test.


A test is most often non-invasive and typically involves a breath, blood, saliva, urine or stool sample. The majority of samples can be taken at home but a client may occasionally be asked to attend the laboratory to provide samples.

Our clinic offers a broad range of functional health tests to help assess the causes of ill health.  The following is a selection of the tests available:


Gastrointestinal Tests: digestion and gut function analysis


Immunology Tests: allergy and antibody profiles


Endocrine Tests: hormone profiles

Practically all systems in the body are controlled by hormones, yet poor diet, stressful lifestyles and exposure to toxins may disrupt hormonal levels, resulting in profound effects on health.


A range of functional tests are available to evaluate different hormones, including:


Nutritional and Toxin Status Assessment

Inadequate levels of vitamins, minerals and other orthomolecular nutrients or excessive levels of heavy metals can lead to a vast array of health complaints, including infertility, menopause, osteoporosis, miscarriage, children’s health, fatigue, depression as well as more serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease long-term. These tests point towards the right dietary and supplementation programmes and establish their success.



Metabolic Assessment

Genetics, sedentary lifestyle and progressive weight gain are all risk factors for cardiovascular disease, Metabolic Syndrome, diabetes and obesity. Cholesterol has been blamed for many years for the aforementioned conditions, however the latest research points towards more specific and accurate biochemical markers. A range of tests are available for early detection of risk, including:


It is important to underline, that while conventional medicine looks at “normal/medically-accepted” ranges of blood tests, naturopathy looks at the optimal narrower ranges, and will evaluate GP tests accordingly. “Clinically” normal reference ranges are very wide and it is often the case that instead of feeling relief when the doctor gives you back “normal” results, you may feel worse knowing that something is not right, but has not been picked up by the doctor.


Genetic Testing

Nutrigenomics is a branch of nutritional genomics and cutting-edge area of research, studying the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression (DNA), at the molecular level. Knowing that specific foods can have an effect on your genetic expression is invaluable when dealing with chronic illness/symptoms.


Nutrigenetics, on the other hand, studies how genetic variation or SNPs can influence, nutrients’ absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects, which can be extremely useful in pointing towards your unique needs and creating long-lasting results. Knowing your genetic predispositions can help prevent illness and foster optimal health for a lifetime.

Various laboratories in the UK offer DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis.